Special Offers


There are many suppliers who can help you with sourcing kit for sedation procedures.

Remember though, if you are being mentored, your mentor may well bring everything with them, so perhaps no purchasing is required immediately.

Many of us use Dental World https://www.dental-world.co.uk/who can supply almost everything you need, from cannulas, syringes etc to monitoring pulse oximeters. They are a pharmaceutical wholesaler so can supply Midazolam, Remimazolam and Flumazenil.

For all new customers, Dental World (also known as Medical World) offer a 10% off the first order if you quote the code “ENDICOTT”

Another option is Medisave https://www.medisave.co.uk/ who have a large range of products, but I dont believe supply midazolam. They sell a range of quality manual sphygmomanometers and stethoscopes.

I would avoid using Amazon for medical supplies as CE marks are not guaranteed.

Medical Gases

Medgas offer a discounted rate to all new customers through us by quoting “UKSED001”