Mentoring Programme

After you've completed both parts of the course, you need a mentor to help you with at least 20 cases before independent practice. We are growing a list of mentors who may be able to help. At UK Sedation we have a team of mentors so you can contact us at [email protected] This mentoring module is free to everyone who has been on our IV New Starter Courses and is designed to make life easy for you and your mentor. Log your sedation cases, complete case assessments, use controlled drugs logs and access handy documents, all fully online with our Mentoring Programme. Click to enrol or "start course" to begin!

Important note*

When completing DOPS forms (mentored cases) please ensure this is filled in with the mentor present, once submitted they are done!

About Instructor

Rob Endicott Roy Bennett

Dr Roy Bennett is the director of Mellow Dental Training, IACSD accredited trainer and mentor and former director of Portmans Dental Care. Dr Rob Endicott is an IACSD accredited trainer and mentor and is the ViceChair of the ADAS (Association of Dental Anaesthetists and Sedationists)

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